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Product Launch/PromotionsExpertise For Hosting Good Times!

Launching a new product in the market is one of the major milestones in a company’s venture. Launches take place when a product is tested, verified, registered and has enough stock produced to meet immediate demand. A new product is launched with a lot of fanfare and publicity. The company has to set aside a lump sum for the launch for it is the day when they announce to the world about the product and it has to be done right.

Blue Apple Entertainment team is a hardcore professional in this field with vast experience in launching or promoting a product. We have unlimited ideas and knowhow which will help the product take off in a big way. Weeks before the launch our team will get to gather all information about the competitors in the market and research on buyers’ feedback about the new product. The products launch will emphasis and highlight the additional or improved features of the product from that of its competitors. This will enable the company to prove that it is way superior to existing products in the market. The new product launch is not just an awareness or informative publicity build up for the product but it has to convince and coax consumers to try it out or buy it.

The invitees for the launch will be people who are directly or indirectly involved in the success of the launch and later in the market. Future prospects, dealers, investors and some famous personalities who have some vested interest can be invited. Promoting a product is also re-launching an improved version of the existing product. We have a young, totally motivated team who are willing to work with the new product and its launch by coordinating, preparing a professionally formulated presentation, with in depth research and authentication to back the research. The venue, the décor, seating, stage back drop with an amplified screen to help the presentation, latest audio and video coverage can be arranged. The launch can be organized in exotic locations and the press will be invited, of course.