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Fashion ShowsExpertise For Hosting Good Times!

Cat walking down the ramp, glitterati and glowing models, showing off their top designer’s ensemble of recent creation, applause and merriment is all we need for a successful evening. Behind the scene, there are multi talented people working for days to implement it. Our Blue Apple team has extensive experience in formulating fashion shows for big time designer houses and brands. Most sought after designers work close with their designs, to tailor them to perfection. Their confidence and awesomely creative designs are always eagerly awaited by their loyal clientele. Designers are aware of the time constraints and the work to be done before the big day.

Blue Apple Entertainment event managers are a creative bunch raring to go all the way to plan and execute the work with a professional touch for such designers. We understand that each fashion show has a theme and is meant for a particular season. Keeping all the details in mind we help a smooth transformation of the designs from the design studio to the ramp. We do help out in identifying suitable models, venue depending on the size of audience; advertisement and press conference with the media and every little detail keeping in mind the designer’s vision and mission.

Our Blue Apple team has the experience and enthusiasm to promote a brand of a designer by arranging fashion shows for big time designer houses. Care is taken to keep all arrangements confidential. We do give our inputs whenever needed without treading over the ideas of the designer because at the end of the day it is the designer’s creation and dream that has to be made viable. International giant designing houses can always get in touch with us for a fashion show in India and we can take our very own designers to the international arena to go global!