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Movie PromotionsExpertise For Hosting Good Times!

Promoting a movie is like promoting a brand new product in the market. Every week new movies are released, if the public is unaware of the release, the movie will not reap back the revenue invested. Itís simply branding and hyping the movie to build a curiosity among the targeted audience to go and enjoy watching it in the theatres. Movies made under giant banners engage event managers to promote their creation. We have a clientele of big and small production houses who come to us for a common goal, to promote their movie.

As conductors of movie promotions we need to run through the script, main casts of the film, music directors, etc. People want to know details, but at the same time we give teaser advertisements to keep the suspense of the movie intact. Therefore, trailers on television and cinema theatres, print advertisements in newspapers, banners and huge hoardings are some of the promotional strategies. Some movies opt for a bigger event of launching the movie and inviting Bollywood stars for the premier show and getting their responses that gives an additional endorsement about the movie which in turn serves the purpose of gaining publicity at large.

Some very high profile music directorís compositions for the movie will have an audio launch released in India or in some international destination in order to give it international exposure and accolades. The Blue Apple experts in media and visual promotions have a wide exposure to movie promotions with a myriad of ideas up their sleeves. We bring the whole production and direction team, actors, the main distributors, the bold and the beautiful of the industry and of course some relentless fans right under one roof for one evening of surprises and splendor. The internet savvy would check on the blogs and reviews of the movie. Let the magic night transform the audience for the next couple of hours, the appreciation and applause will reassure the film makers that the movie is a success.